Wednesday, 4 December 2013

OK, so I'm a thief...

Whilst sitting with the hounds last night, I noticed something shimmering on the floor. On closer inspection I saw it was plastic wrapper, once the home of three doggy bone chews - the property of Ellie, who had been given one an hour or so earlier. Louis had been given a BIG 'special' hound bone commensurate with his BIG size and intended to last at least an hour or so.

While I was working in the office, the cheeky boy had decided to follow his nose to the kitchen, and with his ample height managed to thieve the remaining bones from the kitchen work top. Ellie's bones!

In his bed lay a bone of the same quality and, (presumably) taste, half eaten and unloved.
The look on his face depicts a knowing that I have seen before.....guilty!! What a little tinker.