Monday, 23 June 2014

New line - Photo Tee Shirts

We have a fantastic local printer who has been in the town for years, EVERYONE locally uses them including JCB who have just ordered 1000 of Mike's excellent quality tee shirts. We are now joining the ranks of his customers for tee shirts. We have a sample of one of them on our Lily Peeps website page under photo tee shirts, and an image below. 

I can genuinely vouch for the quality of the printing, they are the best I have ever seen. There is NO border around them, they are all individually edited to show the image in its true colour and texture. They are not the cheapest tee shirts on the market, but I believe they are the best. They'd make a great gift for a birthday, or Greyhound event.

We decided to 'sell and share' to help Greyhounds. So we are donating £1 for every tee shirt sold to a Greyhound charity, starting with Ruth's RGT Kennels at Perry Barr, (where my two lovely fur babies came from). We'd like to get £500 - it's a target - if we get that figure we will then support another Greyhound charity, either Greyhound Gap in Stafford who work their butts off helping hounds that are the hardest to home, or Galgos del Sol, who you all know are amazing.

While reading an article the other day on Google I was horrified to hear that so many Greyhounds from Ireland who don't 'make the grade' for racing are shipped to Spain for the Galgero's to use in hunting trips, when they are finished with the dogs, they favour hanging as a method of disposing of them. We hope you will support and like this page and spread the word. Facebook page Action for Greyhounds

Anyway, here is a picture of my lovely Louis proudly displayed on my tee shirt. He looks brilliant! (Well he would wouldn't he.......he is) :)