Thursday, 5 November 2015

The Power of Fireworks...

Almost 8 pm on Thursday 5th November 2015, and no doubt there are countless millions of people gathered around bonfires watching fireworks explode into the (very damp) night sky. Here, the sky
is alive with colourful stars. All very pretty......until they explode into ever louder bombs. Our Greyhounds are hiding away in corners, under pillows, under covers, terrified and confused by it all. Yes, it happens every year at this time, and we should get used to it, but the hounds do not.

Years ago, I spoke to a man from Trading Standards in Birmingham about the dilemma of fireworks' noise
and the effect on animals. His reply was that fireworks do not HAVE to have noise, they are created that way for maximum effect, and it seems, they are created ever more so every year. It is like a war zone here, and sadly it won't be for just one night Bonfire Night, as it used to be, it will no doubt continue well into the week end and beyond. So animals everywhere, indoors and out will just have to like it or lump it, and so too their equally suffering owners who do their best to pacify and calm their animals by any means possible, from thunder shirts, rescue remedy, calming pills and potions galore, along with comforting words....and so on and on and on. As this is being typed, we have YouTube on in the background with Ludovico Einaudi piano music - which seems to be soothing them just a little. Blissful stuff. It is not only stressful for domestic pets, it is equally, if not more stressful for wildlife outdoors, sheep, horses, cows, roosting birds in the trees, never mind hibernating animals everywhere. How selfish is humanity, we could so easily make these monsters into quiet monsters......for the animals. How I wish we could.