Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Turmeric - for Greyhounds?

I've always believed that natural medicine is better than the sledgehammer approach of the big pharmaceutical companies. After all, Hippocrates did say ' let food be your medicine, let medicine be your food'. Not only that, but I also believe that nature provides all the answers to our health, and in a much gentler way, that goes for man or animal.

Over the past few weeks my girl Ellie has been off her food, disinterested in just about everything put in front of her. We cook for our hounds so the food they have is always fresh, healthy and nutritious. She has never been a voracious eater, she nibbles gently at her food and rarely gobbles it down (like Louis), but she always eats in her own time, so this was a  worry.

We tried everything to entice her, including, sardines, tuna, cheese, ham, sausages, fresh chicken, the list went on, but nothing interested her. It was Saturday of course, so vets are closed and Sunday lay ahead.

I posted about Ellie on our Facebook page lilypeepsgreyhoundsandco, and luckily for us a certain follower saw the post and commented. He said he was now a regular user of Turmeric for his hounds and that they thrived on it. I was directed to a page on Facebook called TUG (Turmeric Users Group). I went to take a look, and was staggered to see a following of 88,000 active members, so I joined, membership pending

In the meantime, I made a paste for Ellie with the basic info I had been given by Roger from the page post. I mixed turmeric, virgin coconut oil and cracked black pepper together into a paste and gave Ellie a teaspoonful. Several hours later, and after a good long walk, it was dinner time for hounds. Amazingly, Ellie was hungry and actually looking for food. I put the food down for them and she wolfed hers down with gusto. Coincidence? I don't know, but it was an amazing transition from the past two weeks. So let's say I am hooked.

The TUG group was started by a Vet in Queensland Australia, you can read all about it on their website Turmeric Life Australia the page here: Turmeric Users Group - I think you will be amazed and excited by this amazing herb. It has extraordinary properties that beat cancer, arthritis, skin conditions and many many more. There is testament to these claims from users on the group with photographic evidence.

It is not only effective, but simple, and inexpensive to make. All it takes is half a teaspoon twice per day in the food or wrapped in something they will eat. You can make the paste and put it in a jar, it keeps in the fridge for 2 weeks. We know our dogs are worth it.

PS it is important to use organic turmeric and coconut oil, as the active elements are removed from shop bought versions. See more on the website.

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