Sunday, 11 October 2015

Are Ear Mufflers the answer?

Lovely sunny day to be going to Perry Barr RGT's Annual Fun Day at Solihull Riding School. Glorious day and so many wonderful hounds wandering serenely around looking just beautiful as they always do.
The atmosphere at any greyhound event is always a pleasing one. Very rarely are there any spats growls or grumbles, just a peaceful acceptance of their kindred breed (greyhounds love greyhounds mostly).
However there is one thing my two dislike intensely at these sort of do's - and that is THE TANNOY - it is quite loud for a good reason - so people can hear and be informed of the next class in the show ring, but so many dogs stand there trembling and shaking. It IS pretty loud to be fair, so I can sympathise.

May be someone should come up with some ear mufflers to protect those Oh so sensitive ears

((looks like someone already has)!