Monday, 10 February 2014

Yes the raincoats are WATER-proof....

It is officially the wettest January for 250 years according to this Guardian article

With so much rain (and yet more forecast) we want to be sure that when we venture out into the 'monsoons' we can keep our beloved hound's bodies dry and warm. We get asked all the time if our raincoats are REALLY waterproof. Well the answer is yes, they REALLY are waterproof.

The cloth we use is very top quality (and very pricey unfortunately) but it IS waterproof. Our suppliers classify the fabric as 'all-day-waterproof' which we understand means the fabric can be out in the 'weather' all day in the pouring rain, and not let the pesky raindrops seep through.

IMPORTANT proviso to this is that the coats are never washed above 40 degrees, with no high powered detergents, and no tumble drying. They wash well on a quick 40 degree wash with a good spin, ours will dry on a warm (but not boiling hot) radiator, in no time.

On the subject of's a little lady modelling our Classic Waterproof Raincoat, this one has cotton lining, and is available on the website

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