Friday, 7 November 2014

Bonfire Night?

Bonfire Night....sounds cosy, fun and good doesn't it. But not so for our hound friends. We have a trembling household when the bangs go off. It seems they get louder each year. I've seen them displayed in shops, with names so fearful you'd think we were in a war zone protecting ourselves from an enemy. But hey, it is only a bit of fun isn't it. Well it isn't fun for animals, indoors or out. The birds outside have roosted for the night, so they will be affected, the cows, sheep and horses, foxes, small mammals and others must all be terrified.
We understand that Teresa May has a petition going asking for people to support regulation for fireworks - signed of course, and shared. How many people who fire these 'weapons' into the sky actually think about those who may not share their enthusiasm for such noise? Hate to be a damp squib, but for me when I see our houndies in such fear and terror, I can't go with the majority of firework revellers. I hope one day it will be regulated so that only responsible, licensed individuals can be allowed to light them and let them off, and ideally in brownfield site areas away from anything that breathes! Had my annual bonfire night moan now. Just hope it doesn't run for the next it often does


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