Monday, 17 August 2015

Lou Lou Shower Mac with Hood - NEW

They say you can't please all the people all of the time; and if you are in business and you merrily go along thinking you can; then you're wrong. We have sold an awful lot of our Greyhound (& Whippet) Shower Macs with Hood; They are simply a portable shower mac, rather like the sort you would scrunch up and put in a bag to take with you on a day out, if there's a chance of rain. They are not designed for monsoons or deluges; that is more the job our our Greyhound or Whippet Raincoats, which we guarantee to be 'all-day-waterproof'.

We had a customer recently who bought two Shower Macs, but was unhappy with the quality of the fabric.There is always a positive side to everything. Oddly, we do happen to have another waterproof fabric in our stock room which has been sitting there doing nothing for many months, and could fit the bill for this customer, so we have sent samples for her to look at. Again it isn't quite the quality of our Classic or Chi Chi Raincoats fabrics, but it is certainly of good quality & weight, and it is rain proof.

On thinking about this, we decided to introduce an alternative to the Shower Mac using this fabric. It will be the same design as the Shower Mac, with hood, no chest piece, but will be lined with cotton fabric of choice (see swatch page). We have made a few to test them out and they look smart, heavier and we hope, will appeal to customers who would like the alternative.

Here is a picture of our original Standard Shower Mac with Hood, the new one will look likewise, but heavier - and lined. Price we anticipate to be around £30 plus postage.

Any and all comments - are welcome

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