Sunday, 6 October 2013

Update, update

It's been a really crazy few weeks lately, so many places to be and things to do, all hound and Lily Peeps related. But we ARE getting somewhere. We've had professional patterns made for our hound coats which look very smart; we've had a few small tweaks and adjustments to make them, we hope, perfect for all hounds and whippets.

Ellie and Louis have been enjoying the cooler weather, out on Cannock Chase every morning for their daily constitutional; sometimes it's a chore to get your skates on early morning when the weather is dull and dreary, but once you're out there in the woods, the smells sounds and views are breathtaking and give you a really good start to the day ahead; and sometimes too, we have it (almost) to ourselves.

Here's a picture of Ellie this morning about 8 am, it was a cool fresh, and brilliantly bright sunny morning, with a low mist feathering the open grass areas as can be seen in the background with streaks of blinding sunlight piercing the barely dressed trees. Lovely stuff :)  

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