Thursday, 31 October 2013

Hey Hey there - it's a spooky night tonight, its Hallow..eeeeeen. So far all is quiet tricks or treats YET! We used to buy a big box of mini chocolate bars or bags of sweets, and have them at the ready for the door knockers on Halloween, but we don't seem to see them much here. I'm happy with that!

I always think of my father on this night. He was born on the 1st November, the day after All Hallows Eve. and used to love to tell us that it was All Saints Day! (hardly a saintly chap but there you go!)..

Anyway, today we launch our new website, and what better day than All Saints Day! Well its memorable - to me anyway! We can edit all parts ourselves now, so if there are any cock ups, then it's down to me and no one else! 

Well the nights are dark, we got back from our walk around 5.15 and it was well dark. I don't like wishing life away but I do look forward to the 21st December - the winter solstice, so I can dream of longer days and have spring closer.

In the meantime, we have plenty of rain to come, so check out our new shower macs with a full hood to keep heads and neck dry. They're in red or royal blue with black trim. Here is Louis in his first wearing of the coat earlier this week.


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