Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Well, it's been a scorching hot summer with temperatures here in Staffordshire reaching 30c degrees on some days, though 27c was the average and that ran on for what seemed like weeks. I'm sure it's been much the same all over the UK. However, now we're getting back to our normal British weather that we all know and love (!) which is bright sunshine interspersed with showers. So it MIGHT just be time to think about one of Lily Peeps new line Shower coats with a hood. They're ideal for those quick blasts of rain that come unexpectedly, and are solely for showers and quick downpours (for heavy rain, you would need a Classic or Chi Chi raincoat)

They are available in 3 colours, black, red or royal and come with a complimentary drawstring carrier so you can pop them into a bag just in case. Check them out here, and if you like them, please let us know. (If you don't, then please let us know that too, we love feedback, so feed us!)

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