Sunday, 17 August 2014

Words from Annette Crosbie

Sunday.....lovely day, very windy but glorious sunshine. Hounds seem to love bouncing around on their walks when it is like this, (as opposed to limping along in the high heat). Lou and Ellie were like a couple of spring lambs in the park today.
Found a wonderful poem the other day written by Greyhound Super Hero Annette Crosbie. It was posted on Facebook last week and lots of people loved it. Facebook has a habit of 'losing' posts and they are pretty random about which ones as well, so rather than lose it completely I want to re-publish here as I am pretty certain it will stay put on our blog: So here it is - sealed for posterity on Blogger, (hopefully for all time)

Loving Grey Thoughts...

Do you think they know when I kiss them that:

They are treasured.

That I cry for all the other Greyhounds who will never be kissed.

That I do not care that they just ate something other than a breath mint.

That their racing wins never mattered to me.

That I never cared about a beautiful lawn.

That the shoes are replaceable.

That I absolutely, positively, worship the ground that all 16 of their paws walk on.

That they are loved so much more than as a pet, but more like a friend, a confidant, a child.

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