Tuesday, 5 November 2013

What's the Point of Fireworks?

I ask this question every year, and dread the prospect of November 5th looming closer as we move into late Autumn. I don't really GET why we 'celebrate' such an event anyway?

Or, is it just an excuse for turning the whole country into a war zone. Trouble is, fireworks are often not in good hands, if they were controlled properly, and only used on one day for a short period, we just MIGHT all cope a lot better with it. Being in a fairly rural part of Staffordshire I feel great sympathy for the grazing animals, like horses, sheep and cattle, and for the deer on the Chase nearby. How can a nation possibly justify such a barrage of sound pollution. It goes beyond one night, usually 2 weeks at least.

My two hounds suffer a great deal - both tremble with fear, and won't go outside, eat or relax for a moment, they hide and look terrified.

Here's a picture of Lou hiding in a corner I made for him on Sunday evening (you can see a small section of paw poking out at the top) when it was particularly bad.

Think it is time for a change of law.

Dear Mr. Cameron - will you PLEASE control fireworks........

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