Saturday, 30 November 2013

Deer Chase

It's always a possibility that we will come across deer on our walks on the lovely Cannock Chase in the mornings. We always go early, but especially at the week ends, as there are bikes and runners around later on which we aim to avoid. Today saw the opening of the Christmas Tree sale, so there was lots of human activity everywhere, cars were arriving and the Christmas Carols were flowing across the forest.

We were walking along and suddenly I spied a herd of Fallow deer on the brow of the path we were following. Ellie and Louis spotted them immediately and were off like bolts from a gun. There was no stopping them. I always fear for the deer........just in case.....but am fearful too of the hounds getting lost or close to a road. I waited for 5 long minutes blowing the whistle, when I spotted Ellie in the trees bounding towards me, great I thought, that's one hound home. I kept whistling, no Louis. I kept walking and whistling, and then I saw a hound in the distance a bit lost so I raced over and shouted.....he eventually saw me, and came bounding over. On the lead now for a calm down. All was well and the deer I hope and pray also survived the ordeal......I am sure they would do. Phew!!

The hounds got some exercise that's for sure. They are now flat out on their beds, enjoying some happy doggy dreams no doubt :)

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