Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Here or Australia?

After a grim couple of weeks of (what seemed like) never ending rain, we have sunshine two days in a row!
Brilliant.Great for getting out with the hounds for a lovely long walk on the Chase. They are getting all set for the Christmas Tree Sale. Each year they seem to add more to the mix to make it more attractive to visitors.

This year, they have added another Go Ape feature, this time for youngsters under 12, looks great fun - wish I was younger. There are loads more huts than last year, not sure what they are all for just yet, but all will be clear in a couple weeks no doubt. The Christmas trees are all appearing little by little so it will be mad in no time at all. I will be posting some pictures to show the action soon.

While I was walking I met a friend whose sister lived in Oz near the Gold Coast, and returned to England. She said it was wonderful scenery, beach every day, weather 6 degrees lowest during winter time, though summer was hotter than ours. Problem is - they don't have anything but the beach to do all day, sounds good for a while, but if that is ALL there is, it could get a bit monotonous I suppose. Apparently they never go anywhere because to do so it is a plane journey to get there. So for the average Joe, it is beach beach or beach for your daily dose of leisure. Here though, we can hop in the car and go to any part of the country within a couple of hours and have a huge diversity of things to see, do and experience.

I think I will stay put........ 

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