Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Thunder and Lightning - Scary Houndies!

Woke up to the lovely fresh smell of rain today. The garden, though a bit battered is looking relieved and I am sure the grass has grown in the last 12 hours.....It'll be lawn mowers on stand by again soon.

An hour later we had a ferocious thunderstorm with very strong lightning and HUGE thunderclaps overhead - quite scary for those who don't understand the reason for this BIG noise. Louis who is a relative newbie to our house was completely terrified.

He sat panting, shaking and trembling for the next hour and would not even consider a visit to the garden. I put on all the radios, and the TV, closed the blinds to reduce the visibility of the lightening, and put a light on (in the now relative darkness) and whispered kindly to him that it was 'alright' He calmed down eventually, and found a quiet spot in the back hall where it is quiet and a bit darker and began to compose himself.

We had our normal walk much later when the rain and storm ceased.

Such a shame for dogs, wish we could help them to understand.....the next big horror for me and my two is Bonfire Night.....dread it, dread it. Tranquilizers will be needed then.

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