Friday, 26 July 2013

Hedgehogs .........and Friday already

The last seven days have been manic, and nothing to do with Greyhounds....never mind, mine are still getting all the love and cuddles in between 'other events'!

It seems that Hedgehogs are now on the top 10 British Endangered species list, I was shocked to learn.

Last Friday a friend from Greyhound Gap in Stafford contacted me about a lady who founded and runs West Midlands Hedgehog Rescue, single handed. Her name is Joan Lockley and she is in her mid to late 60's. She is very well known in these parts for her absolute devotion, care and knowledge of Hedgehogs that she has been saving and re-rehabilitating for years. 

She is currently overwhelmed with new admissions to the 'hosprickle' which is at the bottom of her very modest garden. There she rescues and treats hedgehogs which have been run over, injured, 'cat damaged' de-hydrated, starving or orphaned, and brings them back to life and hopefully re-entry back to the wild.

Unfortunately she not only cares for her hospital patients she collects them from all over the place too, which  has become impossible - many of her inmates need feeding every two hours. 

So Diane and I started a Facebook page as Friends of West Midlands Hedgehog Rescue, simply to get volunteer transport to help Joan. This took all of last week end, and with the action that has followed, most, if not all, of this week.

As with all things, getting it off the ground and working properly and efficiently is the hardest part, I think it will all start to get easier now the plans and processes are in place.

I knew very little about hedgehogs, but I'm learning fast!  Hedgehogs must have water - if you find one, put him in a box with paper on the base, GIVE WATER (not milk ever) and dog or cat food (not fish flavour) wet or dry, or chopped unsalted peanuts - or mealworms that birds eat, and then contact a local Hedgehog rescue centre if you have one.

If you haven't, Joan would certainly advise or help, even if she is out of your area.

Landline Number: 01922 419532
Mobile Number: 07837 409533

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