Thursday, 18 July 2013

This is getting monotonous!

Yes, it's hot again, and as I post here at 2.05pm it's 27 degrees again.

I was brought up in the imperial 'dynasty' (eg non-metric!) which means I had to learn about the decimal system. I have to say I still struggle, particularly with centimeters and their allies the millimeters and co.

This also means that Fahrenheit was the only thing I knew at school. I knew that if it was in 'the 70's' it meant it was hot, and I understood that.

Today, it's all Celsius.....(why did we change)?
Well, to keep the familiar close to my heart, during this flipping hot month, I learned to convert the temperature, It's a doddle. Yertiz.....

  1. Get your iPhone or smart phone out and get the calculator app opened up  
  2. Key in the temperature now - eg 27
  3. multiply it by 1.8
  4. And then +32
  5. Result - 80.6
  6. Hot for hounds, (and hounds Mums and Dads)

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