Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Three wheels on my wagon.....!

Ellie, my beautiful 6 year old Greyhound, had lost a nail on her 'near side rear' foot before I adopted her from Perry Barr RGT, (Daybreaks Kennels) 3 years ago. She has in the last 12 months started carrying this foot more when we are out walking. However when we walk on Cannock Chase and there are bunny rabbits in sight the limp mysteriously disappears.

Ellie taking her elevenses in the sun

The toe is quite small and gnarled now, though no corns are present. When we make periodic visits to Straiton's, our Vets in Penkridge, he checks it all thoroughly. There is little they can do other than remove the toe. Problem is, that in January this year she nearly lost her life in an horrific dose of colonic enteral haemorrhaging, the outcome of which (stress, medication, etc.) affected her heart rhythm so seriously we nearly lost her.

An option would be to move the toe digit - but the Vets aren't keen on the idea due to her previous heart problem. However she is now fully recovered and all is well. But..... she set MY heart racing yesterday evening. We were out walking and noticed she is now limping slightly on a FRONT leg.....I've checked feet, ankles, joints and so on, but nothing seems amiss. Will keep an eye on it, seems a teeny bit better this morning.

I had been singing 'three wheels on my wagon' to her, but now it's two!

I hope it's temporary......we can't lose any more legs.....

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